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Pre-Employment Screenings
Immigration/Asylum/Civil Litigation
 Infidelity and Private Investigations
Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing

West Coast Polygraph and Investigations was founded by Scott Crawford, a retired police officer with the Stockton Police Department.  During his 14 years with the Stockton Police Department, Scott worked within many specialized units, including traffic and commercial vehicle enforcement, community policing, and backgrounds and investigations.  For the past several years, Scott has been a POST certified Background Investigator for the City of Stockton and has extensive training and experience in interview and interrogation techniques.

West Coast Polygraph and Investigations  conducts pre-employment screening for several agencies in the Central Valley, as well as theft investigations, criminal and private matters, post conviction sex offenders on parole and/or probation (PCSOT), as well as many other private business testing situations.  West Coast Polygraph and Investigations adheres to the guidelines set forth by EPPA (Employees Polygraph Protection Act).

What Should You Know When Choosing A Polygraph Examiner?

Before you choose a polygraph examiner or take a polygraph, there are some important questions you should ask!

  • Is the Examiner bonded or insured?
  • Does the polygraph service meet standards of the American Polygraph Association and ASTM?
  • Does the Examiner use quality control procedures?
  • Does the Examiner stay on top of the latest legal issues for testing under ADA and EPPA, if testing for an employer?
  • Is the examiner a Graduate from an APA accredited polygraph school?
  • Is the Examiner a member of the American Polygraph Association and/or their state polygraph association?

In many states,  LICENSING is not required. That means anyone can read a book on Polygraph, buy an instrument and call themselves an Examiner. There are no controls in those States as to who provides such services, so consumers beware.

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